Responsible Tourism Tanzania (RTTZ) is delighted to announce that Asilia Camps is once again leading the way in sustainable tourism in Africa.All eight of its camps in Tanzania have been added to the itineraries offered by the new partnership between RTTZ and global leader in sustainable tourism standards Fair Trade Tourism (FTT).

This new and exciting mutual recognition agreement, aimed at enhancing awareness of the importance of responsible tourism in the growth of the tourism industry, is expected to increase the reach of the sustainable tourism program across East Africa of which RTTZ is a vital part. RTTZ has undertaken this exciting partnership with FTT in an effort to benchmark standards in sustainable tourism and position Tanzania as a major player in the growth of the responsible tourism industry across Africa and beyond.

The FTT standards are recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council which means that with this partnership Tanzania stands to play a major role in the global responsible tourism arena. “Sustainability is the new luxury” says Judy KepherGona, Board Member of FTT. “Asilia is on the right track. All evidence points to a growing recognition of the significance of sustainability in tourism. East Africa cannot be left behind.

Asilia is, as ever, forging ahead with its record-breaking “clean, green” strategies. Eight of its camps – Sayari, Oliver’s, Little Oliver’s, Namiri, Dunia, Kimondo, Olakira, and Ubuntu – have been added to the FTT portfolio, making it the first company in Tanzania to achieve this accolade. Asilia’s eight camps have all been operating for some time and all have attained RTTZ’s “Tree Level”. They have proven that their working culture and daily operations are fully integrated into a sustainable and responsible management approach. Systems are in place to monitor and redirect the operations and all the employees understand the triple bottom line approach. With the new achievement, Asilia join the ranks of globally recognised “Eco-friendly” tourism operators and are leading the way for other like-minded Tanzanian hoteliers.

RTTZ is delighted to see Asilia once again leading the way in responsible tourism practices in East Africa,” said Damian Bell, Director of RTTZ. “The partnership with FTT will enhance the work of RTTZ in supporting and encouraging the development of sustainable tourism, and help to strengthen the economic and business foundation of the Tanzanian tourism industry. We see this relationship as key in communicating the successful growth of a fair and equitable industry in Tanzania to a global audience. Asilia has always been a leader in the fields of sustainability and responsible operations, and it is my pleasure to congratulate them on this remarkable achievement.”

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