Audit application

Hope you read all our information in ‘Getting Started‘  and now you would like to apply for an audit. This page will take you through the process for auditing until final report for certification at the SeedSapling  and Tree level only.

Below is the simple step-by-step process from auditing to your final certification. If you need help at any stage, you can contact us by Skype or email.

Currently we are only offering certification for SEED, SAPLING  and TREE level only. We provide information on the requirements for an audit and certification in our Certification Guide 2013. Please download this document and familiarize yourself with the document, click here to download>RTTZ Certification Guide 2015 v5

Application step: fill out the applicants details form from the website including your accommodation facility name and contacts (audit applicant details form). Download and read the RTTZ terms and conditions and ensure that you agree to accept them (NB: you will be required to sign this and send it to us in STEP 2 when you upload all the documents.) Click here to download terms and conditions>Terms-and-conditions-RTTZ-Audit


Document review: use the document checklist on the website to find out what you will need to have to submit in writing to RTTZ for a document review. Click here to download document checklist: RTTZ-Required-Documents

Start to collate all the documentation that you already have and identify the documents that are missing. You will find plenty of help on the RTTZ website to assist you with policy writing, data collection and recording of training etc. Please feel free to contact RTTZ for guidance.

Once you have all your documentation in place, send it in soft copy to RTTZ. RTTZ will complete the document review within three weeks and send back feedback to you if there is anything still missing or if there are changes that need to be made.

Once RTTZ have fully accepted all your documents, you can move onto the next step.

Book an onsite, 3rd party audit: in addition to the document review RTTZ will need to verify that you have complied with the criteria for the seed level that cannot be checked in a document review. Depending on the size of the property this should take from a few hours to a full day to complete.

You can go to the RTTZ website and book your audit using the form provided. To ensure cost effectiveness RTTZ will try and schedule audits so that several can take place in the same area around the same time. These will happen approximately every 6 months. If you would like to book an individual audit, which will be slightly more expensive, please indicate this on the checklist together with you specified dates, and RTTZ will consider your request.

You will be expected to provide transport and accommodation, if required, for the auditor.

Once RTTZ reply to confirm the dates of the audit, you will need to pay the audit fee in accordance with the invoice and instructions provided by RTTZ.

Prepare and coordinate your audit: Once you have booked your audit make sure that you are ready for the auditor. Carry out your own audit onsite to see if you think that you can comply with the criteria. Make any changes if necessary before the audit.

Plan the audit with the RTTZ coordinator and the auditor making sure that the transport and accommodation are organized.

Inform employees on site the date of the audit, and explain to them the process.

The auditor will carry out the audit, and then submit their report to the RTTZ coordinator who will then send you an audit report, giving recommendations and identifying any changes that need to be made.

Implement recommendations: once you have received the audit report from RTTZ you will need to consider the recommendations that they have made, and carry out the necessary changes. Once the changes have been made, the evidence will need to be relayed to RTTZ e.g. a photo, a signed document, etc.

Review by certification committee: once the document review and the audit processes are completed, the application together with all the reports are submitted to the certification committee for review by the RTTZ coordinator. The committee will meet every three months to consider all the completed applications at each level.

If the committee decides that there are still changes that need to be made in order for the organization to be fully compliant then the process will return back to Step 5.

If the committee decides that the organization has complied with all the RTTZ criteria, certification will be awarded.



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