Auditors busy training

Our 3 auditors have been busy over the past few months training with the criteria and visiting a number of hotels and camps. Solar, Julius and Severa ( click here to view their profiles ) have been visiting a number of camps and hotels in and around Arusha and in the parks; they are learning how to apply the criteria to such a vast range of tourism accommodation providers from large hotels to the small camps. They are also developing a Criteria Guide Book, this will be a easy handbook to help you understand the criteria and what indicators they use when they verify compliance to the RTTZ criteria  The camps and hotels that they do audit receive a report to help them understand areas of improvement.

Solar and Julia of ZATI discuss criteria with Sandy of Matemwe Retreats

The team are also developing a list of areas or criteria that most companies are failing to meet, we will use this list to prioritize the development of toolkits or support packs for the industry, these tools such as sample policies will be available to RTTZ subscribers to help them understand and improve their management to meet the RTTZ criteria.



The team have visited large hotels in Arusha, camps of various sizes in Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro and also several properties in Zanzibar.

Julia and Julius checking the restaurant area with a long checklist that is being developed.

They are going to continue with the training and the development of the handbook for the next 2 months, if you are interested in having a training audit take place in your camp or hotel, please contact us. 

We are planning to have the team trained and ready for operation by the end of March and ready to audit your property for certification by April.

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