Responsible Tourism Tanzania is proud to announce its awards for the second time through the support from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The Responsible Tourism awards meant to encourage innovative actions to protect the environment, integrate local people into responsible tourism chain and to transform the destination Tanzania to a responsible tourism destination.

The award event provides Responsible Tourism Tanzania with opportunities to recognize and reward innovations in responsible tourism while providing information on best practices. Among the values emphasized by these awards are innovations that take care of the environment, local people and cultures, impact on women and youth empowerment and positive contributions to Sustainable Development Goals while practicing tourism business.

This year Responsible Tourism Tanzania will celebrate with 9 awards for best practices: These awards categories include;

  1. Best Tourism Business in Supporting Conservation Efforts
  2. Best Accommodation in Resource Efficiency
  3. Best in Community Engagement and Local Development support
  4. Best Accommodation Facility in Promoting and Supporting Female Employment
  5. Best Accommodation Facility in Cultural Promotion and Preservation
  6. Best in Supporting Youth Empowerment and Future Leaders in Conservation
  7. Best and Responsible Tour Operator
  8. Best Tourism Business in Climate Action
  9. Best for Sustainable Development Goals Implementations and Reporting

For more information about this awards

Supporters  for the Responsible Tourism Tanzania Awards 2019

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