Certification steps for Seed and Sapling levels

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Then visit our ‘Getting Started’ page. We have finalized the criteria for the accommodation sector at the SEED and SAPLING levels and have the basic draft for most of the TREE and FLOWER. The criteria are in a checklist format and downloadable from our website. The checklist takes you through a simple step by step process with clear requirements for your organization to follow.

We have provided the checklist in a pdf format, but once you have signed up and are ready to go, we will send you the checklist in an excel sheet which will  be easier to use. We recommend that you download the current pdf version and go over all the sections within the SEED and SAPLING levels only. Click here> to download criteria checklist

Use the checklist and go through your operation to establish what work has to be done to become certified at SEED or SAPLING. Using the checklist, go through all levels of your operation and note down what you already have in place, what is not yet in place, but will be relatively easy to put in place. Leave those areas that seem to be harder for later.

There are a number of required criteria that will seem difficult to gather ( such as policies), don’t panic! RTTZ will be developing a number of tools and sample templates over the next few months, and during this development period we will be contacting you to find your what your needs are and how we can help your organization. Please feel free to contact us for help on advice@rttz.org.

As mentioned we have currently developed the criteria for the accommodation sector only at the SEED and SAPLING levels and these are described below:


The first entry-level accreditation offered. The criteria within this level illustrate the company’s initial interest in adopting the triple bottom line approach. These initial criteria introduce the framework for responsible management and policy development, as well as prepare the member to plan and monitor their overall impact. This initial step plants the seed for a responsible business future.


The company has taken on the principles of a triple bottom line approach and has now started to incorporate these into their day-to-day actions and communication. The training of employees has now been implemented, and systems are being developed to record and report to directors and to the public the company’s policies and impacts.

The criteria were developed by looking at examples from a number of regional and international certification bodies including Fair Tourism South Africa, Eco Awards Namibia, Ecotourism Kenya, Botswana Ecotourism and Travelife. All of the Travelife criteria are included by sapling level, as RTTZ are working on an agreement with Travelife to accredit any organization who has passed the RTTZ sapling level

Are you ready to go? Click here to go to the ‘Getting Started’ page>

We would like to thank the British High Commission for their support in enabling RTTZ to bring a team together with members of both HAT and ZATI together to develop these first responsible criteria of compliance for the accommodation sector in Tanzania.


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