Climate Action Award 2019

  Best Tourism Business in Climate Action

Award Description

This award recognizes those companies and tourism facilities that have taken action to reduce the impact of their business activities on climate change. This is based on your company or tourism facility measuring – reducing – offsetting carbon emissions in a verifiable way that follows international guidelines.

Award Criteria

Preference will go to businesses that have measured their carbon dioxide emissions, have taken actions to reduce those emissions and who have committed to offsetting the remaining or at least part of their unavoidable emissions. Top candidates will be able to show that they understand which parts of their business generate carbon emissions, they will have measured these carbon emissions, will have taken significant actions to reduce their carbon emissions and have then offset a significant amount of unavoidable carbon emissions.

Evidence that the Judges will be looking and assessing are:

  • Evidences of sustainability policy supported at the highest management level within the business.
  • At least the company has identified sources of carbon dioxide emissions
  • If the company understand the various sources of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Proven records and amount of carbon dioxide being offsited through recognized scheme
  • Any evidence or actions plans as indications shown or explained by that the company that has in place mechanism of reducing emissions

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