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Responsible Tourism Tanzania have developed a set of criteria that identify the levels of compliance your organization has to the standards. The criteria are clear statements that require your organization to implement, an example being:

The standard #A.5.2 All personnel should receive periodic training to improve or further their capacity and skills with their profession as well as training regarding their role in the operation’s sustainability management system, especially in the management of environmental, socio-cultural, health, and safety practices.

Criteria for this:

  • A.5.2.1 A training needs assessment is carried out.
  • A. 5.2.2.A training calendar is developed based on the training needs assessment. Training on all relevant policies are included.

The criteria for certification are available for  SEED, SAPLING and TREE levels are available . The  FLOWER level are still in the draft format.

We have developed tools ( such as spreadsheets, signs to be printed, sample policies and documents)  to help your organizations easily join up and start to manage their business with a triple bottom line approach. Please let us know of areas that we can help you with this process such as any tools or support you need in order to manage your operation using the RTTZ standards and criteria.

Now you are ready, please download the criteria checklist. To download the latest criteria document click this link >RTTZ Compliance Criteria for Certification Version 14.11



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