Gender Supports Award 2019

Best Accommodation Facility in Promoting and Supporting Female Employment.

Award Description

This award recognizes a tourism facility with the highest number of females employed and has provided them with opportunities and training for advancement into higher paid and the managerial positions.

Award Criteria

Preference will be given to businesses with high ratios of female to male employees, in addition to human resource policies that ensure either non-discrimination to any gender or are sensitive to women in the workplace. We look for businesses that not only offer opportunities for women to advance but provide resources to develop their capacity as managers and leaders.

Evidence that the Judges will be looking and assessing are:

  • The highest number of female employees employed by the facility compared to male and they are at high managerial positions.
  • Evidence of non-discriminatory Human resource policies that are gender sensitive to women.
  • Facilities that are friendly to female employees, especially where business is located in remote areas and offers accommodation.

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