TRA-Tax Payers Charter-2012-final

TRA recognizes the importance of establishing a closer partnership with taxpayers and stakeholders, and has put forward this Taxpayer’s Service Charter as a pronouncement of its commitment to deliver quality services to taxpayers and stakeholders in discharging its statutory functions of assessing, collecting and accounting for the Central Government Revenue.

The Charter, while deriving from the Constitution and other laws of the United Republic of Tanzania, sets out the respective rights, obligations of taxpayers and TRA, and spells out the service standards that TRA will observe when dealing with taxpayers and other stakeholders.

TRA operates on the fundamental belief that taxpayers and stakeholders are more likely to comply with the law if they have the information andother services they need to meet their obligations. In observing the tax laws and other laws of the land, TRA will perform its functions according to the service standards pronounced in this Charter. These efforts will help to cultivate service culture which reinforces tax compliance and enhances a good tax system.

New Immigration Permit Tariffs

A public announcement of the 1st July 2011 from the Ministry of Home Affairs with new tariffs for residents permits, dependency passes, visas and others.

The Tourism Act 2008

The Tourism Act of 2008 provides the details for licensing of tourism facilities and operators, grading of establishments and registration of tour guides.

The Public Health Act, 2009

This document provides some key areas of interest or compliance for a hotelier or camp owner. Some of the sections you will find in this document are:

Part IV- Anitation, Housing and Hygiene.

(a) Nuisance

(b) Housing and Human Settlement

(c) Solid and Liquid Waste Management

(d) Gaseous Waste Management

(e) Excreta Waste Management

(f) Hazardous and Health Care Waste Management

(g) Sewerage and Drainage

Part V- Food, Food Hygene, Nutrition and Market Places

(a) Food and Food Hygiene

Part VI- Institutions Generally

(a) Lodging, Hotels and Guest Houses.

Electricity Act 2008

The Electricity Act of 2008 provides the details for licensing of electricity service providers, tariffs facilities, electricity generation and rural electrical providers.

The Wildlife Act

The wildlife Conservation Act of 2009 provides the details for WMA’s, non-consumptive and consumptive use of wildlife, GCA’s, GR’s and other forms of protective areas, wildlife ranching, Human wildlife conflicts and penalties for non-compliance.



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