Local Development Award 2019

 Best in Community Engagement and Local Development.

Award Description

This award recognizes exceptional commitment for tourism companies and tourism accommodations that are working to improve the lives and opportunities for communities in which it operates.

Award Criteria

Preference will be given to businesses that demonstrate involvement with the local community such as supporting local development and employing local community members. Involvement must be tangible and evidenced through documentation. We look for enterprises incorporating fair employment practices and a commitment to local involvement through their business plan.

Evidence that the Judges will be looking and assessing are:

  • Evidence of community empowerment policy supported at the highest management level within the business.
  • Evidences of donations and sustainability initiatives / investments going direct to support local development projects and proof that they are not one off events.
  • Evidences in Supporting and empowerment of community through training, sponsorship and purchase of the local produces.
  • Evidence for Fair employment practices for local people employed by the business and proven evidence of contracts, clear overtime procedures and compensation

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