New standards for RTTZ

New standards have been finalized for RTTZ that incorporate the new GSTC changes have been finalized and are currently available on our website for download.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) reviewed their guidelines early in 2012 and released version 2 on the 23rd February 2012. RTTZ  have developed a set of standards that consider the  local conditions and  incorporated the new GSTC guidelines. The team also looked into the regional standards from Fair Tourism South Africa, Eco Awards Namibia, Ecotourism Kenya and Botswana Ecotourism.

RTTZ have developed the criteria for the accommodation sector for the initial compliance to these guidelines, these will be for SEED level and SAMPLING level of certification. These will be released soon.

There are a number of changes and additions, we suggest you visit the website and download a copy. click here for the standards>

We would like to thank the British High Commission for their support to enable RTTZ to bring a team together to review  the standards and to the development of these criteria for certification.

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