treeRTTZ are now ready to launch the TREE level (level 3). They will be open for public review for one month before they are officially approved by the board.

The criteria are available on our website NOW.

You are welcomed to send any comments or suggestions. Please either send your comments to our email address with the title COMMENTS ON TREE LEVEL CRITERIA or enter your comments in the open comment box at the foot of the webpage on our website, the webpage for the criteria and comments is>

After the pubic review period of one month is completed (30th August 2014), the criteria will be presented to the board for their approval before they are launched and officially released.

The criteria for the TREE level are representative of the Tanzania Tourism industry and in addition they are fully aligned with the Fair Trade Tourism standards.

Fair Trade Tourism encourages and publicises fair and responsible business practice by tourism establishments in southern Africa and beyond.

They do this by offering a certification programme (and supporting activities) that endorses tourism establishments that meet stringent criteria:

  • Fair wages and working conditions, fair operations, purchasing and distribution of benefits
  • Ethical business practice
  • Respect for human rights, culture and the environment

For more information on Fair Trade Tourism, click here>

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