Recycling waste in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar Scrapes and Environment Association (ZASEA), a non-governmental organisation was officially registered on 19th March 2008 enabling it to conduct activities aims for the development of long-term sustainable solid waste management in Zanzibar. The Association focuses activities on collection and exporting the plastic scrapes education and environmental conservation. The association was formed as a result of rapidly increasing in plastic waste in Zanzibar and lack of management and proper disposal system.

The idea of formulating an association for Scrapes and Environment in Zanzibar triggered in response to a growing concern among the investors, researchers, government institutions and local residents of potential impacts of unregulated and uncontrolled solid waste such as plastics in Zanzibar city. The idea was also triggered because of lack of proper management, handling and co-ordination of solid waste management stakeholders and little community support to government effort on improving environmental conservation activities in Zanzibar area.

The association started its work by collecting the plastics scrapes and exporting to Dar es salaam from early 2008 later on 2010 the association established the first locally owned small scale plastic recycling factory at Mombasa Kwamchina Industrial Area Zanzibar. The factory stating with collection and grinding, washing, separating and drying post consumer clear PET and HDPE bottles. The PET plastic is reclaimed from postconsumer soft drink bottles and returned to the manufacturing process for use in carpet, bottles and strapping. The second product is HDPE this type plastic is reclaimed from post-consumer oil gallons and water containers and returned to the manufacturing process for use in bottles, shopping bags and containers. All these material are currently sold as raw materials and not final products in pallets form.

As the association grows, the process will be expanded to include other form of Thermoplastics recyclable materials including Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE), Poly Vinyal Choloride (PVC), Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS). In addition, an extrusion process will be added to produce higher margin plastic pellets.

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For today’s prices or for more information about what you can recycle and where the materials are taken,

please contact Murtala at ZASEA:


Phone: 0777 879723

ZASEA provides the opportunity for your organization to recycle your waste, for more information, download the ZASEA brochure, click here>


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