About the Awards

The Responsible Tourism Awards is designed to encourage innovative actions to protect the environment and integrate local people into the Responsible Tourism chain. The overall goal is to transform the destination Tanzania to a responsible tourism destination.

An award ceremony will be held in Arusha in 28th June 2018, the award ceremony is an opportunity for tourism companies to highlight their efforts in best practices in tourism and receive recognition through a credible transparent process.

The award ceremony provides Responsible Tourism Tanzania with an opportunity to recognize and reward efforts in responsible tourism while providing information on best practices. Among the values emphasized by the award ceremony are innovations that take care of the environment, local people and cultures, impact on women and youth empowerment and positive contributions to Sustainable Development Goals while practicing tourism business.

There are 8 awards for best practices are:

  1. Best in Supporting Conservation Projects
  2. Best in Resource Efficiency
  3. Best in Community Support and Local Development
  4. Best in Female Employment and Gender Support
  5. Best in Cultural Preservation
  6. Best in Youth Empowerment and Supporting Future Leaders in Conservation
  7. Best Overall in Implementation of the Largest Number of SDGs
  8. Best in Climate Action

The focus areas for each award have been selected as key ares of focus for sustainable tourism in Tanzania.

If you have a tourism product and would like to  participate and apply for an award,  you are welcome to fill in an application form. Click here for more details>

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