Responsible Tourism Products Certified For the First Time In Tanzania.

rttz_ICON_seed_certificate_1Four outstanding tourism properties have been awarded Responsible Tourism Certificates in Tanzania, as first ever program to audit and measure the sustainability and responsibility of hotels and tourism properties in the country.

After going through a rigorous verification procedure to ensure that the tourism properties are managing their business in a responsible and sustainable manner, Responsible Tourism Tanzania (RTTZ) has awarded these businesses with certificates of compliance: Isoitok Camp and Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp both from Manyara Region, the Blue Oyster Hotel from Zanzibar.

“It was a pleasure to take part in the process,” said Anwar Beiser from Blue Oyster Hotel in Zanzibar. “We are very glad to hear about the successful certification.”

A Tanzania-based non-profit organisation, RTTZ has been developing a certification scheme over the last few years. Now well-trained RTTZ auditors have been visiting and auditing tourism properties throughout the country. This first entry seed level of certification illustrates the company’s initial interest in adopting the triple bottom line approach and introducing the framework for responsible management. This initial step plants the seed for a responsible business’s future.

“This is a very exciting time for us as an organization and for these tourism properties,” said Richard Rugimbana, chairman of the RTTZ board and a prominent figure in tourism of Tanzania. “We are proud to have awarded these four Tanzanian tourism properties with certificates for their dedication to managing their businesses in a responsible manner. We have been working on our certification scheme for over a year ensuring that the certification conforms to both international and regional standards.”

Recently receiving funding from the Centre for the Development of Enterprise (CED), Responsible Tourism Tanzania is a public-private partnership that will provide various services and functions to support the tourism industry in managing their business in a sustainable manner. Countless hotels and properties in all areas of Tanzania have started to undergo the process of certification. Ultimately, the process helps tourism ventures to improve their actions and best practices.

“Key organizations and individuals have made RTTZ possible and it has paid off,” said Lathifa Sykes, a member of RTTZ’s certification committee. “We have four tourism properties that have demonstrated to the international market a product that is important in Responsible Tourism in Tanzania.”

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