RTTZ is registered!

Yes, it has finally come, the registration certificate number 4446 and now Responsible Tourism Tanzania is an officially  registered trust in Tanzania. Today is our birthday, we are now officially open for services.
We do have a few more administrative tasks before we are up and running, we have to open a tax file and bank accounts but once that is all done we can start to provide our services for audits and certification.
The organization was registered as a trust “WHEREAS the TRUST is an organization with an aim to hold and own the assets, property and common services for RESPONSIBLE TOURISM TANZANIA, and to preserve and to maintain the natural character and value of the properties by enforcing the Constitution and Covenant for the benefits of the trustees – RESPONSIBLE TOURISM TANZANIA.” In a sense, the trust hold the standards for Responsible Tourism on behalf of the tourism industry and nation, the audit process is to verify that the tourism company is following the standards and RTTZ will issue certificates when it is proven that this tourism company are complaint with the standards.
We will keep you updated on the progress, we hope to have our standards and audit services available soon to your organization.

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