RTTZ Supports the Formation of Regional Certification Alliance.

Responsible Tourism Tanzania attends the Sustainable Tourism Network Southern Africa (STNSA) annual general meeting that was held in Durban on the 11th May 2012.  The AGM primarily discussed the roles of the network.  The secretariat had presented a 3 year plan and the members all concluded that the network needed to continue to focus on certification. Due to this clarification on the scope of the network, the members further concluded that the network needed to be renamed the Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa (STCAA).

The establishment of the STCAA is particularly interesting to RTTZ as this alliance will support RTTZ in many of the areas that for a small certification body are just not feasible to do. By forming the alliance all the certification bodies that were present from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania will share knowledge and more importantly address certain issues in partnership. The alliance also provides the platform for all these certification bodies to discuss the possibility for a regional certification label or brand, due to the many certification labels on the market a single regional brand will have substantial market penetration.

The alliance has funding for a 3 year program that will assist organizations and certification bodies such as RTTZ. The 3 year work plans for the STCAA are on sharing standards and best practices, market development, lobby and advocacy and impact analysis of sustainable tourism in the region.


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