Seminar Presentations

Seminar Presentations


 BHC Sustainable Training- Arusha 16th March and Zanzibar 19th, dares Salaam 20th March 2012

Introduction to sustainable tourism
Introduction to sustainable tourism

A concise overview providing the basics of sustainable management for tourism enterprises. What is eco-tourism, responsible tourism, what are the impacts?

Market Trends
Market trendsv1

87 % of the British find it very or fairly important that holiday does not damage the environment and 71 % of British consumers would like tourism to benefit local communities, perceptions and trends, where is the market heading?

Market trendsv1

 Certification Schemes-the  pros and cons, bench-marking and certifying performance in the travel industry, presenting why is it a useful, common elements of certification and fundamentals. This presentation provides the history and a introduction into certification schemes. 

Energy Management Training
Energy Management Training

 This presentation provides an introduction into the fundamentals and also provides some case examples of energy management. 

How to prepare for a sustainability audit

Ready, steady, go- what you need to do in order to prepare you enterprise for a sustainability audit, a quick practical guide.

Travelife Training- Arusha 13th and 14th December 2011- Mt Meru Hotel

The Travelife Training Event
Download program>program sustainability training TANZANIA-13 and 14 December 2011

Responsible Tourism Round Table- Arusha- June 2009
Responsible Tourism Presentation>

 Responsible Tourism Tanzania launch the organization, the presentation about the formation of the organization and its future.

ANVR Presentation >

 ANVR are the Netherlands Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ANVR), which introduced a policy with the aim to sustain the tourism industry. To realise this the members of our association (Dutch tour operator and travel agents) have to take our responsibility to reduce our negative social and environmental impacts.

ZATI Responsible Tourism Presentation 2011

 The Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) is non-governmental, non-religious, and non-political organization established to represent the interests of all tourism investors in Zanzibar. The aim is to ensure a sustainable and professional tourism industry of the highest standard, working with government institution to achieve this.

HAT presentation>

 The Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT) is a non-profit organization with the following core objectives: 1) To advocate on behalf of our members to strengthen, promote and protect our industry; 2) To Provide value-added services that help members deliver on their financial, social, and environmental sustainability goals and 3) To assist members in pursuing world-class service and hospitality standards.

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