Tour Operator Award 2019

Best and Responsible Tour Operator

Award Description

Tour operators have a critical role to play in influencing decisions of their suppliers and clients towards responsible tourism.

This award recognizes efforts and commitments of tour operators towards caring for the environment through best practices and innovations, maximization of positive economic and social impacts and creation of local employment and improving welfares and working conditions for staffs.

Award Criteria

Preference will be given to the tour operator which has successfully addressed community, cultural or environmental issues in tourism in a new and innovative way through the inspiring example of innovation and best practices at the office with measurable success in providing responsible tourism experiences which can be replicated across the industry.

Evidence that the Judges will be looking and assessing are:

  • Evidence of promoting best practices in responsible procurement, paper use, energy, water and controlling waste and pollution.
  • Evidence of reduction of single-use plastics e.g. plastic bottles, drinking straws, packaging.
  • Evidence of innovation in any kind of re-use or recycling of plastic waste
  • Evidence of public reporting on the achievements in the reduction of plastic use e.g. on the website, newsletters, blogs or any form of social media
  • Effective monitoring of resource consumption (energy and or water). This includes metering, monthly consumption analysis  

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