Tourism Export Coaching Progamme

Tourism enterprises in Tanzania are invited to meet with CBI ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Netherlands) to learn about the  Tourism Export Coaching Progamme (ECP). RTTZ are facilitating 2 events in Tanzania in November where you will be able to meet representatives from the CBI. An afternoon meeting on the 22nd November in Arusha and on the morning of the 24th November in Zanzibar. The workshops will enable tourism enterprises to learn about the ECP and how to apply to the CBI to join the  ECP.


Arusha workshop- 2pm on the Thursday 22nd November, Kibo Palace Hotel, Arusha. You are invited to join for a drink following the workshop. 
Zanzibar workshop- 9am on the Saturday 24th November, Zanzibar Grand Palace, Zanzibar.
You are invited to lunch following the workshop.

There are no charges for attending the workshop.

General criteria

  • You are a small or medium-sized company (SME) employing 5 to 100 people, including temporary staff
  • At least 51 per cent of your company is locally owned, or co-owned by a partner residing in a developing country
  • You have not established a joint venture with a partner in a country in the Upper Middle Income bracket (UMIC)
  • You are willing and able to invest the necessary time and resources to successfully compete in the European arena for the duration of the programme
  • You have not participated in an earlier CBI export coaching programme
  • You are willing to adopt the principles of sustainable tourism
  • At least two members of your staff have sufficient command of the English language for written and spoken communication

Additional criteria for the tourism programme

  • You are established in the tourism industry in Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania or Zambia
  • You have a national licence to operate your business
  • You are a member of a (tourism) association
  • You have at least two years of experience in the tourism business
  • Additional criteria for candidates based in in Kenya, Madagascar or Tanzania
  • You actively promote diverse products outside the classic tourism itineraries.

You are able to provide proof of this

Within several African regions, CBI is currently developing an integrated tourism programme, Tourism 2013-2016, based on the currently running Tourism Export Coaching Progamme (ECP), Tourism 2008-2012, in the countries Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Jordan, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, South-Africa and Uganda.

The aim of the programme is to contribute to sustainable economic development in Africa through the expansion of exports from African countries in the tourism sector. The focus is on value system integration, product development and sustainability. The proposed new tourism programme for Africa offers an integrated approach of different intervention types (see CBI services), which are applicable to small and medium enterprises, business support organisations, importers, policy influencers and governmental authorities.

The tourism 2013-2016 programme will take place in the regions East- and Southern Africa and in the countries Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique and Zambia.

For the first phase of the programme the focus is put on Kenya, Mozambique and Madagascar. During the second phase of the programme, when successful, the programme can be extended towards other countries in the Eastern and Southern Africa regions. For more information on the programme background click here.


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