Travelife representative visits RTTZ in Arusha

Travelife auditor and trainer Mr Chris Thompson visited Tanzania and trained a team of trainers for RTTZ in Arusha on the 10th and 11th August. The Travelife representative came to Arusha for 2 days and trained a small team that will become the future trainers for the RTTZ auditing team. The training took 2 days, half of this time was spent behind a screen and the other half spent visiting 2 properties where they worked on some practical aspects of an audit. The trainers were selected due to their background in both the tourism industry and the auditing process.

Olasiti Lodge and the Coffee Lodge kindly offered the training sessions to take place on their properties, where the team and Chris Thompson went through some of the more complex areas of an audit.

RTTZ have had some initial discussion with Travelife and the partnership between the two accreditation bodies, the discussions are ongoing and we hope to be able to update you in the next month on the options for certification with RTTZ and Travelife.

RTTZ are planning to run some initial audits of properties in national parks in September and October. The trained Travelife team of auditors will be recruiting auditors in September to be trained as RTTZ auditors for the accommodation facilities that wish to be audited during this period. We will continue to keep you posted on any developments of the audit program.


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