Who we are

About Us

Responsible Tourism Tanzania (RTTZ) is a non-profit organization that will encourage and promote a more sustainable tourism industry within Tanzania. RTTZ has been established in 2011 as a trusteeship with a governance and membership base that includes the key stakeholders within the tourism industry. RTTZ will provide various services or functions to support the tourism industry to manage their business in a sustainable manner; these include providing internationally accepted standards and guidelines, an  auditing and evaluation process that will help guide the tourism venture to improving their actions and the product accompanied with a  certification scheme that recognizes the company’s efforts and successes. RTTZ will also be a key partner to develop the suitable regulatory environment by engaging in lobbying and advocacy on responsible tourism practices and favorable policies. The members will be provided with support and training to enable the tourism enterprises to understand and act according to the principles of a sustainable management. RTTZ will further support responsible tourism in Tanzania by promoting both the principles of RTTZ and the tourism products that are compliant to the international market.

Our Vision

Responsible Tourism Tanzania is about encouraging and promoting a more sustainable tourism industry within Tanzania. It stands for protecting and caring for the diverse cultures of the country, as well as its natural environment, whilst optimizing on business and economic sustainability. It aspires to support and communicate a positive impression of Tanzanian tourism, both locally and for the global market. Responsible Tourism Tanzania believes that the best in Tanzanian tourism is yet to come.

Our Mission

Responsible Tourism Tanzania mission will be to support and guide the tourism industry to a holistic management approach by providing:

  • Internationally aligned standards and guidelines with a clear set of practical ideas to introduce the tourism enterprises to a sustainable management approach.
  • An auditing and evaluation process that will help guide the tourism venture to improving their actions and the product.
  • A certification scheme with the branding for recognition of the company’s efforts and successes
  • Lobbying and advocacy on behalf of the tourism industry to develop policies and regulations within Tanzania for the sustainability of the resources and cultures and people.
  • Information and practical ideas, tools as well as training to assist the tourism enterprises to practice and participate responsible tourism.
  • Promoting the responsible tourism operators and products in Tanzania to the international tourism market.

Organizations on the Board of Trustees

Responsible Tourism Tanzania board of trustees consist of members form both the public and private sector, the board is configured with 60% form the private sector, 20% public sector and 20% NGO’s.

  • Tourism Confederation of Tanzania
  • Hotel Association of Tanzania
  • Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors
  • Tanzania Association of Tour Operators
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
  • Tanzania Tourist Board
  • Honeyguide Foundation
  • Round Table Africa




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