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Welcome to the Responsible Tourism Tanzania website, this site provides guidelines as well as tools, ideas and information to help the tourism enterprise adopt internationally accepted responsible management practices. This page will inform you how the website will go about doing this.

Your comments

First of all, this website will not be a static site, we will be constantly adding, improving the site over a relatively long development phase. If you can partake in this exercise, we would be very grateful and we have provided you with the opportunity to do so. At the foot of every page is a comments box that provides you with this chance to let us know you thoughts and any ideas you might have to improve any page or the site in general. Please feel welcome to comment.

Standards and practical tips

All our standards are on one page in a list form however we have then also place our guidelines into topical sections. We recommend you have a scan through any of these topical areas to learn more. In each topical area for example business sustainability, you will find a set of standards and included in each standard is a short description of the importance or impact of this standard followed by some practical ideas of to achieve implementing the standard into your operations. See this example below of a standard:

A.5. Customer Awareness and Satisfaction

A.5.1 Accurate Marketing and Complete Promotional Material

All marketing and promotional materials promote sustainability and are current, accurate and complete including sustainability claims.

The importance: An honest representation of what services the business provides is integral to the responsible and sustainable strategies that the company undertakes. It improves customer satisfaction by ensuring that expectations can be met.

  • Do not promise more than can be delivered by the business.
  • Marketing materials should set realistic expectations for clients.
  • Analyze customers’ feedback to ensure all information in promotional and marketing materials are not misleading or deceptive.


What about certification, if you need more information on certification before you decide to join the process, then find out more about the benefits of certification.  We have 4 levels of certification, currently we have  fully developed the : SEED, SAPLING and TREE .We will develop the  FLOWER level in the future.

We have a simple step by step process for you to follow that has been developed for SEED,  SAPLING and TREE  levels, this step by step process will set your organization up to becoming more sustainable.  The standalone section called getting started will put you into the process to become certified. This page will take you through the 7 steps to becoming certified. A key element in the process is your compliance of the criteria for the certification, this has been developed for the accommodation sector and are available for download.

Learning and information

The idea behind this website is to give members easy access to information, rather than searching over the global network for solutions, we will do this for you and gather all the practical ideas and products and place them in one site. Our resources page will be continually developed. Click here to visit resources page>

Library with information and training packs- we will provide a library with information that is developed and collected that will assist management make the right decision in their operations (an example is waste management toolkits, water management toolkits). Training packs will also be developed to provide management with a learning tool as well as training packs for employees (an example: training pack- the carbon cycle). Click here to visit library>

News and a blog, we have a blog and a news page. We will have various news hounds who will collect information in responsible tourism both worldwide and within Tanzania. We welcome anybody who would like to join us and become a blogger and gather information onto our site, please send us an email. Click here to visit blog>

Service providers and products-our resources page will have a list contacts of service providers (consultants, carbon offsets schemes, renewable energy consultants) as well as companies who provide products for tourism enterprises (such as clean energy products). This page will be continually updated with current technology that is available within the region. Click here to visit products>

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