Responsible Tourism Tanzania (RTTZ) has developed a set of standards for Responsible Tourism in Tanzania.  With future plans of having RTTZ formally recognized’ and even accredited by Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), The standards have been written in line with those of the GSTC, giving any RTTZ certified Tanzanian company the same international repute.

The certification system using the standards has four levels or steps.  The steps have been designed to push for continuous improvement. Once you have been certified at the entry level you can move up and gain the next and next steps ending up finally with all the RTTZ certification logos.

Each step will guide the organization toward becoming not only a matured enterprise in terms of responsibility but a role model for others. The requirements for SEED, SAPLING, and TREE levels have already been developed with the FRUIT requirements in the process, to ensure that we move slowly and get it right.

The SEED, SAPLING and TREE requirements are available on the website and show what is needed for the document review and what will be checked by an RTTZ auditor. Click here to view the criteria>

RTTZ  invite all organizations, those who are either just beginning down the certification process as well as those who have already acquired several ecotourism labels, to participate and support Tanzania’s own responsible tourism label.

Triple Bottom Line- “Doing well by doing good” or “Where a company examines the social, environmental, and economic effects of its performance on the wider society and begins to improve its performance and reports publicly on progress.”

The first and second level of certification will require the tourism company to conduct a self-assessment followed up by an independent external audit.   The last two steps or levels will only require an independent third party to audit the establishment.


The first entry-level accreditation offered.  The criteria within this level illustrate the company’s initial interest in adopting the triple bottom line approach. These initial criteria introduce the framework for responsible management and policy development, as well as prepare the member to plan and monitor their overall impact. This initial step plants the seed for a responsible business future.


The company has taken on the principles of a triple bottom line approach and has now started to incorporate these into their day-to-day actions and communication. The training of employees has now been implemented, and systems are being developed to record and report to directors and to the public the company’s policies and impacts.


Having operated for a period of time, the member can now prove that their working culture and daily operations are fully integrated into a sustainable and responsible management approach.  Systems are in place to monitor and redirect the operations and all the employees understand the triple bottom line approach.  This step forms the core of the company culture.


Now as a role-model in responsible tourism, the member can demonstrate appropriate actions, disseminate information, and ultimately change their surrounding environment, build a clientele, and urge suppliers and partners to adopt similarly responsible practices.


Responsible Tourism Tanzania and Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents share a common interest towards promoting sustainability and social responsibility within the travel sector and recently launched the Certification Program for Tour Operators which is now available and ready to offer the services in Tanzania.

The Certification program rules the co-operation on the Travelife training and management system for tour operators and Responsible Tourism Tanzania Certification Program and does not consider the Travelife system for hotels, which is managed by ABTA, the British Travel Association.


Travelife is a fair and affordable system which helps tour operators and travel agencies to manage and improve social and environmental impacts by complying with sustainability criteria. Ultimately, when a company meets the requirements, it will receive a Travelife award. To support you on your road to sustainability, Travelife offers a wide range of services which include training, management, planning, and reporting and B2B tools.

Operating your business in a socially and environmentally friendly manner makes good business sense!  Both consumer and business demand for responsible products is growing and the public wants to know how you manage your business.

Companies ready to get to work towards sustainability will, therefore, score better on customer satisfaction, staff motivation and business efficiency with positive effects for their competitive advantage.

Sustainability management is all about commitment and consistent sustainable business practices. This includes your products, how you monitor and manage your impacts, and how you support your suppliers on their road to sustainability.

Click here to learn more and view the criteria >

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