Getting Started

Welcome to Responsible Tourism Tanzania!  On this page, you will learn how to get started assessing your company’s current footprint, and understanding which facets of your business you can improve in order to make a positive impact on Tanzania’s future.

Below is a simple step-by-step guide to becoming a subscriber, as well as information on how this website can assist you in managing your business more responsibly.

Currently we are only offering certification for SEED, SAPLING  and TREE levels only.

Register as a subscriber. Fill out the subscriber application form (it may take up to 5 days for us to respond to your application). Once your subscription has been approved, you will receive a member login name and password.  Initially we are offering our services and information for free. In the future we may ask our subscribers to contribute to the organization in the form of an annual subscription fee.


Print the standards. (You will find a downloadable version of the standards in a pdf document). Use the toolkits for each of the sections in this website to understand more about how to implement these standards.   Click here for standards>

Print the criteria that are required for your organization to comply with the first, second and third certification level. This is in a simple checklist format. Use this checklist to assess your company; any areas that do not warrant a check mark are the areas you will have to improve in order to comply with the standards and criteria. Click here for criteria checklist>>

Become acquainted with the website and use the website tools to aid you in achieving these standards. We have developed the tools. The following are some of the helpful website tools available:

  • The Toolkits for each of the focus areas provide practical tips, ideas, and simple how-tos to help you complete the required steps toward meeting you goal.
  • The Resources section will provide informative instructions, downloads, and other useful content such as checklists, ready-to-print signs, and sample forms to assist you. Click to resources>
  • Contact us! If you get stuck, do not fully understand something, or just need advice, contact us at  and one of our auditor will be more than happy to help you.

Do a practice self  audit. Pass through your camp or lodge and conduct an audit with your management and staff, by using the checklist provided as a guide.  An audit will highlight any areas you need to improve upon, as well as determine the level you have reached on the (SEED or SAPLING or TREE) scale. Once you have finished this and you are sure you have everything ready, go to our online audit form, fill in the checklist and upload the required documentation.

Book an audit. Once you have completed Step 5 you are ready to book an appointment for one of our approved auditors to audit your organization. We will schedule audits routinely book and as effectively as possible, and you will be notified about the specific dates. Alternatively, you can  book an exclusive dates at a higher rate. We are only conducting audits for the SEED, SAPLING  AND TREE level

To schedule an audit, go to our audit application page. Click here to go to the audit application page>

You have successfully completed a RTTZ audit, the results will be analysed by an standards officer and submitted to the Certification Committee. If the audit identifies some areas for improvement, you are given a grace period to address those concerns and implement appropriate changes. If the certification committee has passed the audit , you are now free to use the RTTZ accreditation label on your website, brochures, advertisements, and any other kind of marketing tool you choose to use. Well done!



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