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This page will develop into a page full of products and services that will help the tourism companies to implement the guidelines.

This section of the website will be developed

If you have a product that you believe is important to the tourism industry such as sustainable energy products, please email us your product where we can place your product and company profile into these pages. Contact us>

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  1. The Lodge gives 20% of the turnover to the Children’s Home, to pay all the running costs: Two Hills, One Goal!
    The Lodge is owned Privat, the Children’s Home investments are from abroad.
    We are 100 % community based in the village Rhotia.
    We try to be environmental good: solar heating, cutting for firewood and charcoal, indiginous trees, fresh vegetables from own garden, own milkcows, etc,
    Kindly visit our website:

    With warm regards,

    • damian says:

      Hi Marise,
      When we are a registered organization we will be able to provide internationally accepted criteria, this will enable your enterprise to establish your compliance within these criteria and then we will be able to audit your facility to provide certification. I see you are on our mailing list, our regular newsletters will keep you updated with our progress. Looking forward to a positive partnership and keep up the good work. Damian

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