Social Economic

This issue deals mainly with contributing to the local economy and society.

‘Local’ may mean the village in which your enterprise is located, or it may mean the town or city from which your enterprise runs, or the Tanzanian economy in general, depending on the location and size of the tourism operation.

Contributions to local economy can be made through providing jobs to local people, purchasing local products, or contributing directly to local development projects.

A contribution in either of these areas enables money to circulate in the local economy, and brings economic benefits to people in the immediate community from which your business operates.

When there is a choice between buying a Tanzanian brand and an imported brand of the same product, buying the Tanzanian product will help more Tanzanians have jobs and means of earning incomes. It contributes to improving the well-being of people in the community from which your business operates, and it reduces illegal and harmful means of earning income, especially if the Tanzanian brand is of good quality. Many foreign products are purchased because local standards are not high enough so it is especially important to rewards those products that do reach the required quality levels.  It encourages the local industry to aim for a higher level.

Furthermore, company operations should not jeopardize access to basic local community services such as drinking water, energy and sanitation.

See the standards and toolkit for the social economic  toolkit click here>

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