Tanzania celebrated the second responsible tourism awards on 11th October 2019 by showcasing the best innovative leaders in driving the sustainable tourism in Tanzania in a cocktail gala dinner theme at Kibo Palace Hotel Arusha.

The 2019 award event is proudly sponsored and supported by The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD and dignified by his Hon. Dr.  Aloyce Nzuki Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism, Dr. Primi Mmasi- Permanent Secretary Representative from Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, RTTZ Board Chairman, private tourism sector among the invited guests, distinguished and the tourism community.

Proud to announce the winners for 20919 awards

Rubondo Island: Camp and Mnemba Island are winners in Best in Best in Supporting Conservation Efforts. Proudly to have 2 winners, their companies have put in the effort and both resulted in a tie of scores by the 8 judges.  Their commitment to conservation projects  is most impressive among the others.

Isoitok Camp Manyara :: emerged as a winner in a Best in resource efficiency. Isoitok have the most comprehensive set of efforts across waste reduction & recycling, efficient use of water and energy. They stand out for being run purely on solar energy.

 Chumbe Island Lodge: emerged as a winner in a Best in Community Supports and Local development. Chumbe Island demonstrated multiple achievements in the areas of local development of fishers, community engagement, and environmental education and about 90% of their staffs being local Zanzibarian.

Dunia Camp: emerged as a winner in a Best in Female Employment and Gender Support.
Over 92% of the staff being women, what more can be said? It has also broken barriers by hiring women in positions predominantly. They are living it and leading by example!

Isoitok Camp: emerged winner in a Best in Cultural Preservation authentic cultural experiences based on understanding and integration of local culture, situated deep within a strongly cultural community. “It is pure and simple we are accepted as part of the community not an extension of it, our camp is just another boma.

And Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge: emerged as winner in Best in Youth Empowerment and Supporting Future Leaders in Conservation.   And Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Beyond with their Community Leaders Education Fund Program helped to fund and support students from rural communities surrounding conservation areas to access tertiary education and the natural objective of the programme is to develop natural leadership by offering deserving students the opportunity to improve their career opportunities and sponsors to attend universities

Nature Discovery: emerged as a Best and Responsible Tour Operator. Nature Discovery has comprehensive efforts and the only applicant with proof of commitment via independent monitoring and by engaging in a systematic way with globally verified mechanisms, Nature Discovery also has focused on a strong evidence-based certification of its responsibility.

Asilia Africa: emerged as a winner as Best Climate Actions; Their offsetting emissions from 21 properties since 2010 though Carbon Tanzania that is conserving the Yaeda valley gives them this award.

Andbeyond Travel Limited: emerged as a winner in Implementation for Sustainable Development Goals. Significantly, evidenced in the following;

 SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

 SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 10: Reduced Inequality

 SDG  12: Responsible Consumption and Production

 SDG  13: Climate Action

 SDG 14: Life Below Water

 SDG 15: Life on Land

 SDG  17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

 The awards event was joined by over 100 participants from the tourism industry from Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, to name a few and this award is now being planned as an annual event, to be hosted by Responsible Tourism Tanzania in collaboration with tourism industry partners and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. The Chief Guest of honor, Dr. Aloyce Nzuki gave the closing remarks at the inaugural event on Thursday saying how impressed he was with over 105 applications that clearly addressed a huge effort in conservation and the protection of Tanzania’s natural resources, with many aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Again in his speech he highlighted and emphasized that government cannot do it all – the private sector must step up to the plate and bear its fair share of the responsibility of creating a vibrant and profitable tourism industry and therefore cooperation between all players is called upon in order to develop a sustainable tourism destination.

Mr. Moses Njole, acted as the Chief Judge of a panel of 8 experts in sustainable tourism. Moses who is lecturer from the College of African Wildlife Management and USAID – PROTECT Project as a Senior Capacity and the Chief Judge for Tanzania Tour Guide Award 2019 said the judging procedure was “excellent and extremely secure and independent”. 

Responsible Tourism Tanzania and the sponsors of the awards both appreciate and acknowledge the exceptional effort that the tourism stakeholders make towards Tanzanian’s environment and economy. It was unanimously agreed that if we, as Tanzania’s tourism stakeholder, commit ourselves to putting the environmental agenda at the top of the table, we will all become winners!


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