World responsible tourism day

The third edition of the Worldwide Day for Responsible Tourism will take place June 2 with the theme “Tourism and Water Resources.” The aim of the event is to inform, educate and convince tourism and stakeholders of the link between tourism development and water resources, including:

  • The impacts of tourism development on water resources
  • How to preserve and enhance a lake, ocean, river, waterfall, etc. through responsible tourism development
  • How to improve improving local stakeholders’ access to drinking water

If you want to organize an event to promote responsible tourism initiatives and to honor the water issue, please contact the International Coalition for Responsible Tourism (ICRT), which can advise on content and assist with appropriate promotional tools.
ICRT will not provide funding, but will place your event on the Responsible Tourism Day calendar and “leak” news of your event to international media.
For more information, visit the ICRCwebsite> .

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